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student of our Spanish for Foreigners program
Thomas Greenwood, student of our Spanish for Foreigners program.


Learning another language makes you respect yourself and causes respect to yourself by other people. It would be arrogant to expect everyone to speak English if you are an English speaker and shows a lack of understanding how you are perceived and other people accommodating you. That is the reason why it is important to learn the basic language of the country you are in, which will open doors to natives and us, foreigners.

In this sense, Universidad Central is the ideal place to learn Spanish. It is a well-established institution having received its credentials of quality from the government making its vilification worthy outside of the country through accreditation. Besides, it is conveniently placed, close to the hotels and hostels, which make it walking distance. It is located near the historical centre for tours and a feeling of architecture culture. Coffee shops museums, art, music are circulating around then zone, waiting to be visited.

The university, represented by the Languages Department, is aware of the importance of interculturality and communication. That is why it also offers meaningful intercultural activities especially designed for foreigners and locals to mix and integrate for Colombians to speak and practice English and Spanish provides an indispensable opportunity to meet interesting natives that are willing to be friendly and help you integrate into the culture.

Now, let’s talk about the teachers. They have all tracked outside Colombia and love languages. All have degrees in language, teaching and English. The department is well lit with computers, speakers and projects. The classes are designed and up-to-date.

Spanish is harder to learn than English is and therefore the classes have good workloads. Verbs and conjugations will be most taxing for foreigners and this will be taught more than vocabulary. Because you are in a Spanish country you will organically pick up, learn and use vocabulary out of necessity, the privilege of learning Spanish here allows more time to be spent on specific communicative needs, paying attention to how language really works, and how to refine it day by day. This is a bonus.

Furthermore, the classes are taught by qualified teachers who use standard yet innovative teaching methods that cover all communication skills, those being reading, writing, listening and speaking.

On the other hand, Universidad Central has another plus: they help with visas for us, foreigners, to start our learning process in Spanish! Since 2019, Colombia allows 6 months stay in total, after the first three months you will need to get a 3-month extension.

The support the university offers in this matter is really useful, since you can increase your stay in Colombia for academic purposes, which is a clever idea if we want to study, learn and keep on knowing the country at the same time. However, be careful if you get a student visa and do not turn up to class, the university reports you to immigration. This is the conduct of a good university that is serious and has accurate quality processes.

In short, if you are looking for a complete experience that gathers culture, friendship and learning, do not hesitate, Universidad Central is definitively the best option.


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Thomas Greenwood
Student of our Spanish for Foreigners program
Bogotá, D. C., 28 de octubre de 2019
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