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Living English in Trinidad and Tobago

Last April 4th, 2016. The Languages Department had the opportunity to interview Juan Camilo Avellaneda Angarita, he was one of the participants who attended to the immersion program in the London Language Institute in Trinidad and Tobago in December 2015.

trinidad y tobago
Juan Camilo Avellaneda Angarita


He was invited to share his experience and give a couple of advices to the people who attended the talks organized by the Faculty of Economic, Accounting and Administrative Sciences from February 29th to April 26th.

Juan Camilo is twenty years old, he studies Business Administration at Universidad Javeriana. Let’s read his interview and discover why a student from la Javeriana Traveled with Universidad Central, read one of the cheapest and easiest options people from Universidad Central have in order to improve their English language level. We want to share with our readers that there are such a beautiful, tropical and exciting place near Colombia that integrates language, culture and landscapes to make the English learning process much more motivating.

L. D.: How did you get the opportunity to travel to Trinidad and Tobago?

J. C.: Well! I got the opportunity to travel to Trinidad and Tobago here at Universidad Central with my mom who told me about the immersion and I decided to go and to live the experience of practicing English, so I came to the University and talked to Mr. Carlos Aparicio. Then, I decided to travel to Trinidad and Tobago.

L. D.: What is the position of your mom at the University? What does she do?

J. C.: My mom is the Director of the Department of Registration.

L. D.: Why was important for you to travel and live and experience in Trinidad and Tobago? Why did you want to travel?

J. C.: I decided to travel to Trinidad and Tobago because I think that knowing about the English Language in these days is very important to people’s life. It improves the job opportunities and it opens doors in different ways. It is also a great opportunity to go there in order to learn and practice English.

L. D.: Is it a requirement at Universidad Javeriana to study English or to show certain level?

J. C.: Yeah, It is a requirement to get the degree. I think it is B2

L. D.: When do you have to show your requirement?

J. C.: Any time. It could be the first time you start your major at the University or the last day

L. D.: How do you describe the experience in Langdons Language Institute?

J. C.: It was amazing. It was an excellent experience being and studying there.

L. D.: What was your English level before traveling to Langdons Language Institute?

J. C.: It was B1

L. D.: So, What is your English level after the immersion?

J. C.: B2. Now I have the certification to get my degree.

L. D.: How long did it take you to get your current level?

J. C.: One month that was the time the trip last, but I already had basis on the Language with some mistakes, so in that month I corrected them and I improved my English. So, I got level B2.

L. D.: Would you advice others to study in Langdons Language Institute? Why?

J. C.: Yes, I would do it, because I think it’s a good opportunity to practice or to learn English and it is cheaper and easier than other parts in the world and it is maybe the same opportunity to learn and you can get the same level because you get a good English there.

L. D.: Just for finishing this interview, I would like to ask you to invite people from the University community, because these opportunities are not only for students, but also for workers, teachers, for everybody. Could you please invite them and tell them the reason to go to Trinidad and Tobago and study at Langdons Language Institute?

J. C.: I invite you to go to Trinidad and Tobago, no matter your age if you want to learn English you can do it. You can improve your English if you want and I think is a good opportunity and I recommend you to go there practice English, enjoy culture and landscapes.

Rocío del Pilar Albarracín Carreño
Corresponsal del Departamento de Lenguas
Bogotá, D.C., 6 de julio de 2016
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