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Can we learn from video games?

The power of video games: their multiple uses for entertainment and their ability to be used as tools and sources for learning.

Can we learn from video games?

As we may know, video games are a great source of entertainment. People can spend long periods playing a game, sharing with other players, or just playing by themselves. However, people do not realize all the positive effects and benefits that playing video games can bring to their lives. The improvement in motor skills, critical thinking, and problem-solving skill development; acquisition of vocabulary in other languages and social skills enhancement are some of those benefits.

Of course, the improvements depend on the types of games you play. On the one hand, people who play strategy games are more likely to improve their critical thinking and problem-solving skills. On the other hand, some people like to play shooter games, and they are prone to enhance their motor skills like their reflexes, sight, hearing, etc. As a result of these advantages and improvements, video games are also considered sources for learning, entertainment, and socialization.

So it is not just about seeing video games as something entertaining but also as a tool we can use for our benefit.

Brayan Manta
Línea de Lenguas
Escuela de Estudios Transversales
Bogotá, D. C., 9 de febrero de 2022
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