To study a graduate program for the first time

Steps to Follow

In this section you will find all the information and steps that you must follow in order to enroll in one of our graduate certificate or master’s programs for the first time.


  • To enroll in a graduate program, a professional degree must be accredited. 

  • Before starting the admissions process we recommend that you:

    • Carefully review the profiles to which the academic program of your choice is addressed.

    • Read the general aspects that should be considered during the admissions process.


Step 1.


The process of admission to a graduate program begins with the completion of the registration form, which can be accessed at the following link:

Step 2.


After having completed all the steps of the registration, you must have an interview with the academic unit of the program of your interest. The university will contact you to schedule the appointment. Your punctuality is key; if you cannot attend the scheduled appointment, please call (+057) 326 6826 to reschedule it. Keep in mind that you can do this only once.

It is important to highlight that the selection and admissions processes are carried out under the principles of fairness and transparency. These processes follow clear rules with respect to inequality, discrimination, and arbitrariness. Likewise, admission is subject to the number of spots established by each department together with the Academic Vice-Rectory.

Step 3.


The University will contact you to notify you if you have been admitted, and you will receive the invoice for tuition by e-mail.

After this process, consult the UC Benefits to know if you are a beneficiary of a discount by agreement. To make this type of benefit effective, collect the documentation requested and make the request in the Student Financial Support Department, in either location. Please bear in mind that the discount request must be made before paying the tuition.
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Sede Centro: calle 23 n.º 5-95, ingreso por el pasaje
Sede Norte: carrera 15 n.º 75-14

Línea para admisiones (Bogotá): 

326 68 26

Línea gratuita nacional:

01 8000 912 534

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