Incentives and Opportunities

Incentivos y oportunidades

With the intention of fostering excellence among the members of the academic community, Universidad Central financially supports the vocation, effort, and dedication of its students. Any prominent student of our university can obtain monetary incentives through different modalities. More information here!


  • In accordance with budget availability, outstanding students are exempt from paying a percentage of the tuition cost.

  • Students will benefit from this economic incentive for an academic semester.

  • Scholarships are granted to students who have stood out in academic, cultural, athletic, or social pursuits.

About 5.2% of all students enrolled in Universidad Central benefit from the allocation of scholarships.


  • Scholarship: The most outstanding students whose grade point average is equal to or higher than 4.5 are exempted from paying 70% of the tuition cost.

  • Partial Scholarship: Students with good performance, whose average is equal to or higher than 4.0, are exempted from paying 35% of the tuition cost.

Special recognition

Undergraduate students with outstanding academic performance may be awarded the Excellence Scholarship for a Graduate Program, which exempts them from paying 50% of the tuition cost during the entire graduate certificate or master’s program in the university.

At Universidad Central, advanced students who are interested in teaching can find the opportunity to make their first inroads in this field. With this end in mind, the institution has implemented the Academic Monitoring Program, which allows these students to get closer to the role of teachers through participation in the following tasks:

  • Support a professor in the development of academic activities for a given course

  • Provide attention and support to the students who take this course

In addition to acquiring their first pedagogical experience, the assistants receive monetary compensation for the activities done and, at the end of the semester, receive a certificate for their work.

Students who wish to represent the university in university events may receive financial support to attend. These activities may be of scientific, technological, cultural, social, or athletic nature and their sponsorship depends on budget availability.

In order for students and graduates to achieve early participation in the labor sector, Universidad Central not only has a solid practical component in the curricula of its academic programs, but also develops diverse complementary strategies:

  • Training in fundamental aspects that should be considered in a selection process

  • Release of updated labor offers

  • Assistance in the creation and founding of business projects

  • Job fairs that reflect current market demands and trends

  • Motivation and entrepreneurship workshops that help students take on future challenges in the work place

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