Direction of Continuing Education

About us

Social Interaction, known as social projection or extension, has always been considered a vital function of Universidad Central. Therefore, the objective of UC is to contribute to social and cultural awareness by improving its teaching programs, research activities and continuing education to achieve higher social equality.

In this context, the Continuing Education Department guarantees, makes visible and strengthens the planning, formulation and execution of the extension projects of the different academic units. With this objective in mind, this Department supports the academic-administrative management for the development of this functions through the construction of networks, both within the university as well as outside.

The Continuing Education Department constantly strives to create opportunities for better planning and enhance networking connection both within and outside of university.

Other functions of the Direction of continuing education are to create links between the social, economic and political organizations to address social problems and to use this social knowledge in order to promote development processes and strengthen organizational environments.