Rafael Santos Calderón, rector de la Universidad Central

The Chancellor is the highest executive position in the university, only surpassed in authority by the Superior Council. Its office is responsible for putting into practice the strategies, policies, and guidelines agreed upon by this body and the Academic Council, as well as proposing and executing projects and plans of institutional scope, in both academic and administrative nature. In this sense, in addition to acting as a regulator for the university's expenditure, it is responsible for evaluating and controlling the operation of the institution, as well as for ensuring compliance with the constitutional, legal, statutory, and regulatory provisions within this institution.

In the performance of their duties, the chancellor presides over various committees and decision-making bodies, such as the Chancellor’s Committee, the Academic Council, the Publications Committee, the Investigative Ethics Committee, the Admissions Committee, the Personnel Affairs Committee, and the Facilities Committee. It is also in charge of presiding over the academic acts and of subscribing the degrees granted by the university as an institution of higher education.

Rafael Santos Calderón

Since September 2nd, 2013, Dr. Rafael Santos Calderón has been the chancellor of our university.
A journalism graduate from the University of Kansas and a John S. Knight Scholar for journalists at Stanford University, Dr. Santos Calderón is recognized for his brilliant career in the press and media. He began his professional career at The Miami Herald, a newspaper where he worked for two years as a reporter and editor. Later, in 1976, he joined the staff of El Tiempo, where he became the editor of the national and international sections, head of editing, deputy director, and, finally, editor of the newspaper for a decade. During his last years in that editorial house, he worked on the implementation of social responsibility strategies there.

Paralleling his outstanding journalistic work, Dr. Santos has forged an illustrious academic career in our university over the course of several decades. His ties with our institution date back to 1979, when he was called to direct the newly created School of Journalism and became, at age 25, the youngest dean in the history of Universidad Central. A few years after assuming this position, the Communications and Journalism program obtained official approval, a milestone that was achieved on August 4th, 1983. His achievements as the head of the department made him deserving, in 1994, of the title of Doctor Honoris Causa in Journalism, awarded by Universidad Central. One year later, in March of 1995, he was elected as a permanent member of the Superior Council, a dignity that he has exercised without interruption ever since.

In its meeting on August 15th, 2013, the Superior Council officially elected Dr. Santos as the new chancellor of Universidad Central. He replaces Professor Guillermo Páramo Rocha, who was the chancellor for a period of 10 years, from 2003 to 2013.